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NAHEC Reading Corner is a place to get more familiar with what NAHEC does and learn from our members without having to immediately come to a meeting! NAHEC members write articles about many topics related to healthcare education: techniques they use to educate healthcare workers, issues they see in the field, and technology that they want the world to know about.
Feel free to explore our categories and tags to learn more about the area of healthcare that interests you!

Conference 2022: The next generation’s classroom

North Alabama Healthcare Educators Committee (NAHEC) held their annual conference on July 8th, 2022, at the University of North Alabama Anderson College of Nursing’s new state of the art building and simulation lab.

How do you educate and competency your staff?

There are several different ways you can educate and ensure competency in staff members on skills performed. Skills and competencies can be evaluated in many different fashions. For example, one-on-one observation, quiz and/or test, verbal, simulation, etc. Skills Fairs are a great way for educators to complete annual skill competencies for a large group of staff members in a controlled but larger setting.

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